What We Do

SynGlyphX can help transform your data into a visual format that is
interactive, informative and just plain easier to understand.

Data and Decision Environment Services

So much data. So little time.

Our Services Team assesses how you use data to drive insight and take informed action. We collaborate with you to gain an understanding of the decisions that you need to make, the data available to support those decisions, and the processes you employ to make those decisions. We use this knowledge to design an approach to data visualization that is best suited to your environment.

Interactive Visualization

Visualize. Interact. Synthesize. Take Informed Action.

Our proprietary technology creates interactive, 3D data visualizations. These visualizations may be derived from both structured and unstructured data from all sources, including data warehouses and business intelligence software.

Our 3D visualizations are uniquely interactive and capable of representing big, high-dimensional variables in both geo-spatial and temporal contexts.

  • Users can pivot, rotate, and translate, as well as zoom in and out of the visual display.
  • Our iconography (glyphs) is uniquely variable in shape, size, color, and texture to reflect all of the multi-faceted characteristics and attributes of the data.
  • Our z-axis allows the data to have a temporal dimension (i.e., time can flow upwards).
  • Our geo-spatial layering allows variables to be placed on a map at or above a specific latitude and longitude.

Our visual displays move beyond conventional, two-dimensional displays of graphs and charts to allow users to quickly and intuitively spot trends, patters and anomalies in otherwise complicated datasets.

Data Scientist

Your Ongoing Data Support.

Sometimes you just want to hit the easy button. Collecting, aggregating, and cleansing data can be a time consuming process. If you are not a data scientist, it can be a daunting task. SynGlyphX can provide you with a trained data analyst that will work with you to maintain the visualization data, identify patterns, spot trends, and detect anomalies – helping you transform data to knowledge. Faster.