Media Release: SynGlyphX Uses Perceptual Engineering to Make Sense of Complex Data

SynGlyphX Makes Sense of Complex Data with Perceptual Engineering and Interactive Data Visualization

ARLINGTON, Va. (Oct. 17, 2013)— SynGlyphX announces its entrance to the market with its unique perceptual engineering approach and interactive data visualization technology. SynGlyphX goes beyond traditional data visualization, providing technology that allows users to synthesize (Syn-) complex data using interactive visualizations (-Glyph-) to solve for the unknown (-X) and take informed action.

SynGlyphX understands how the mind assimilates and processes complex data. Our unique approach to interactive visualization technology is enhanced by Perceptual Engineering—the optimal design of a visual environment to enable the user to more efficiently interact with and synthesize complex data sets. This approach is supported by decades of academic and government-funded research on how the mind best understands and processes complex data. This differentiates SynGlyphX from more conventional data visualization tools and approaches and allows you to take action more quickly.

“As we like to say, if a picture is worth a thousand words, SynGlyphX’s interactive visualizations are worth at least a thousand pictures,” said Mark E. Sloan, CEO, SynGlyphX. “Big and complex data sets are everywhere—in healthcare, finance, retail, operations, government. We work with corporate and government clients to help them understand their data in order to spot trends, identify patterns, and detect anomalies—ultimately helping them take actions that can improve efficiency and effectiveness, reduce expenses, drive profits and, in some cases, save lives.”

“We have sensors around the County that provide data on bicycle and pedestrian traffic to help make planning decisions, inform constituents and stakeholders on policy, and determine where and how to invest in infrastructure,” said David Patton, Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner, Arlington County Department of Transportation. “SynGlyphX helped us to quickly assimilate massive amounts of traffic data captured over a four-year period. The interactive visualizations have been well received by our stakeholders and have helped us quickly see what is happening on our facilities.”

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About SynGlyphX:
SynGlyphX specializes in transforming the way users visualize and interact with data worldwide. With superior technology, perceptual engineering and knowledgeable staff, SynGlyphX offers its customers the ability to assimilate massive amounts of data in a single computer screen, allowing user to identify points of relevance and interest through in-depth visual representation and, ultimately “Transform Data to Knowledge. Faster.” For more information about SynGlyphX, visit